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the olde XB360 Disc

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Digging out old hardware, testing equipment, I got through early cutscene on the tried and true Xbox 360 version GTA 4

Sadly it froze up, definitely unexpectedly, I did the most ill-advised move- pick up the Xbox unit itself and hold it at different angles to help the laser diode if sticking, however, the disc physically scraped internally, ruining it for good... So  avoid that move at all costs, it's best to eject the disc and try again.


Now there's another challenge, where to get a replacement disc. George Floyd 2020 riots with police and protestors burned many businesses in Minneapolis, and in my locale, so there's far fewer resources, and the brick and mortar stores aren't around like they used to be, one great option is Goodwill Easterseals Thrift stores, or pawn shops however

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