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Im leaving


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We today i am officially leaving teh fourms.I MIGHT be back later. I dunno, but anyways i would like to say bye to my respected friends which are....







skullraider(sorry i forgot you :P)

kokane :P

Jack Spooner

and..... some others i forgot at the moment. well c ya later guys.


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Ok, its been long time since i havent been here so i wont judge. but is it me or everyone that leaves, no matter if its an old member or just a newbie...they always say

my friends : Chris...Spaz..Sky...etc, i mean, i dont give a shit...but they aint ur friends, you probably talked to them a few times...but 99% of the time they aint friends.

So dont try to make a goodbye topic and put people like Chris so you look important, its pathetic.

Again, im not talking to "Steven" but im talking in general.

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