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"Cut-throat Business"


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I'm finding this mission completely impossible. I'm meant to chase OG Loc on my small hovercraft, but even though I've tried about 30 times to keep up with him, every time he seems to be a lot faster than me and just speeds off into the distance and I get "Mission Failed". I've tried taking numerous routes but to no avail.

Is there a known problem with this mission? I'm running the game on a laptop so I'm using lowest graphics quality and I still sometimes experience slowdown. Any ideas?

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Or people like you should just look at the last posted post date. Then there wouldn't be any need to lock it.

^ thank you, jace, why just drag up an old topic in the name of raising your post count... <_<


Then lock it and or delete the old topics.

Do you think we're going to go through and close ALL of these old topics? No. We'd just hope that people could tell when a topic was extremly old or rather useless.

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