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Theme song for Liberty City Stories announced

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Firstcom music recently announced the theme song for Liberty City Stories "March Popakov Remix".

FirstCom Music has announced that "March Popakov Remix," a FirstCom-licensed track written by John Cacavas and produced by Danger Mouse, was selected as the theme song for the video game Grand Theft Auto—Liberty City Stories. "We are very excited about this placement," says Sam Kling, vice president, Film and TV music for FirstCom. "We believe that FirstCom can bring a lot to the table in the way of quality music for the gaming industry. We are looking forward to expanding our presence in this market over the next year." In addition to theme placement in the video game, the remix will be featured in all television advertising for the game worldwide.

MTV.com also recently had their opportunity to play Liberty City Stories. Most interestingly from their preview is the info on the soundtrack for the game.

This "PSP" edition will feature 10 radio stations, including the return of the hip-hop Playback FM, featuring '90s stalwarts such as Mobb Deep and N.O.R.E. spun by New York's DJ Clue. Also on the dial are the franchise-familiar reggae-fest KJAH, stations for world music, classical and drum and bass, along with one devoted to the works of Giorgio Moroder, an influential electronic-music producer who also composed the soundtrack to 1984's "Flashdance." Two stations feature music entirely composed by Rockstar North, the developer of the console "GTA" titles. Another frequency is all talk, which will likely be the game's funniest.

Source: MixOnline

Preview: MTV.com

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