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Funny moments


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Here you can post any pictures or stories of funny moments that

happened while playing Gta.

I start off.

Awhile ago I was in the malibu club in vice city.

I had my surrond sound speakers just cranked.

listening to the music in there. THen I proceded to the bar.

JUmped behind the bar and walked around it for sec.

Then I walked over to were that guard is in the hall.

Then all of sudden the bar women shot me with a spaz 12

The noise of it startled me becuase I was'nt expecting it.

I fell back in my chair and a fell backwards with the chair and wacked

my head on a table that was behind me :gappy:

Soon after I took a aspiren and was pissed off. But after a few minutes I started thinkin about it and I had a good laugh.

just like the old saying about looking back at stuff that was'nt so funny then, is very funny now



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In LCS, I got out of my car in the middle of an intersection because a cop was about to bust me. I started running, but then I noticed a PCJ with two guys riding on it coming perpendicular to a car I had forced to stop. I thought the bike would stop too but it smacked into the car and the guys riding on the bike both went flying extremely far. I set the PSP down, started laughing, and my friend gave me a weird look.

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In the PC Version of GTAIII, I was on top of an ambulance and had an idea.

I put on the "bangbangbang" (which means the blow up cars code) cheat when I was in the pause menu for about a 100 times.

And then I put on the armor cheat for 50 times and the health cheat for 100 times.

I press the ESC button to unpause, then all of a sudden, the cars blew up VERY-VERY high in the sky, tossing me on to a building that looked like the Empire State Building.

Even though I have put on so many Health & Armor Cheats, I was still Wasted on top of that building.

You should try this too, you know! It's so fun! Seing Claude being tossed Miles and miles from sea level.

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