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The Shoreside Vale Expansion


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i used the cars drive on water cheat to drive to Shoreside Vale. It is true that the blocked of tunnels are now open, but unfortunetly the rumour about the new land being twice the size of the original shoreside vale was comepletely untrue. there is no new land whatsoever. this is a completely made up rumor. post your thoughts and show how pissed you are about it below.

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It's not a rumor. It's either an uninformed journalist at OPS2 Australia that made a mistake, or the publication wanted to get attention by telling everyone they saw an expantion:


When LCS was paused briefly we got a chance to take a look at the map of the city. The same 3 sections of the city (Portland, Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale) were all where they should be. However rather than being a self-contained island, the PSP map showed Shoreside Vale to be nearly twice as big as it did in GTA3, with a whole new section of land lying above the other two islands, Predictably R* would not comment on this (and we get the feeling they wish we hadn’t noticed) but it hints very strongly at LCS featuring an environment that expands on the city we knew in GTA3.

-OPS2 Australia, Issue 42 July 2005

You can even stand on the waterfront on the western side of Portland Island and easily make out the detail on the buildings on the eastern side of Staunton Island. We were also able to spot the landmass on the northwest of Portland Island that we hinted at in OPS2#42 [see above] but for now just exactly what it is remains a mystery.

-OPS2 Australia, Issue 45 September 2005

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When I heard the GTA Portable game was Liberty City, I knew they chose that city becuase of its size (small). The PSP proboly couldent handle a bigger enviroment, so I highy doubted there would be SSV expansion. And besides, if there was a SSV expansion, R* would need to tell some stories in LCS telling why there is no extra part of SSV in GTA3.

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