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What does your CJ wear?

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My CJ has:

Haircut: Cornrows

Hat: Black pointing to the side

Shades: Black Rag over mouth

Chain: Silver

Torso:Black Windbreaker

Legs: Blue Jeans

Shoes: Mid-Top Sneakers from pro laps

I think mine looks pretty cool and everyone's I have read about are also cool and creative! :coolthumbup:

sorry for posting again but i forgot about

Watch: Gold Crowex

Tattooos: Everywhere!

and that's it sorry again for posting again lol

oh never mind I'm new about here and i didn't know that if you reply after your self then it justs adds on!

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My CJ is ALWAYS wearing Grove street colors! GROVE STREET 4 LIFE! Somebody should make some sh*t where we can send pictures of our CJ.And also I think that this forums are good! Peace yo,Ice32!

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Depends on which savegame I'm using (I play a GTA game twice - once as the character and again the way I would do things).

'CJ' character


'Web' tattoo on Upper Right Arm

'Mary' tattoo on Lower Right Arm

'Grave' tattoo on Upper Left Arm

'Dagger' tattoo on both Lower Back and Left Chest

'Westside' tattoo on Upper Back

White Vest

Tweed Trousers

Black Hi-tops (from Sub-Urban)

Gold Crowex watch

'My Way' character (Currently in San Fierro stage of game)

Jeri Curl

'Gun' tattoo on Lower Left Arm

Combat Jacket

Blue Jeans

Grey Boots

Pro-Laps Sunglasses

Pro-Laps Black Watch

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