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I got to test the Xbox360


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I was at Best Buy and they had the Xbox 360 there along with some Xbox dudes. I got to try it out . I played the demo version of Call of Duty. All I can say is one thing...amazing. The graphics are incredable. It looks as lifelike as it could be. I am definatley saving up to buy one(Along with the ps3 of course.) A lot of people have said that it sucks, or it is to bulky, but when u look at it up close it is about the same size as the ps2.

Anyway, I wanna know if anyone else on these forums has gotten to do this. Please reply :)

BTW: You know how in the pics of the Xbox360 it looks grey, well its accually white and its glossy ( not rough plastic like the old xbox. )


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I went to Walmart yesterday :D , and I got to test the 360. I enjoyed every single second of the 1 and a half minute I got to play. This asshole that was there before me was hogging up the 360. I waited behind him for at least 20 minutes. And when I thought he was done, the fuckin bastard gives it to his 6 year old son! :weird:

Anyway, I was pissed, so at last, he left, and I got to play, and a minute after I had to go. But I had a good go at Call Of Duty 2. I played the part where one of the soldiers kicks the door open and gets shot at with a turret. Then I threw a frag inside to get rid of the guy in the turret, then went upstairs and threw another granade. (The smoke looks awesome!) There was a huge hole in one of the walls, and there were buildings in the other side of the street and 2 turrets in the street. I shot at the guys in the other buildings, then the ones in the turrets. Then I jumped off, got on one of the turrets, and I had to live. :(

But the shooting feels awesome, and the graphics looked great too. Too bad I played for so little that I can remember everything I did!

Whatever......anyway, can't wait for the 22nd...

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