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Transfender Glitch


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I don't know how i did it; but i was in the TRANSFENDERLOS SANTOS I went in and i just went crazy smashing buttons. I painted my car red then i somehow managed to move my car.

Normally it is not possible. So i was driving inside Transfender! i was doing donuts while changing the color of my car. i went up this ramp to the top right corner. then i headed out the garage door. e.i. *the way you go in* and it turned white. what was cool i was still able to change the color of my car until i pressed TRIANGLE

HAS this happened to anyone else?

if i do it again i'll take some pics :D

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ah yes that would be cool ahuh Robert Rath. Next time don't use all capitals.

And A.G. I have had the same glitch too. I was like wOOt. Then I was having fun after.

I didn't. Not all letters were capitals.

really? damn I cant believe i havent discovered that yet.Ive found some of my own glitches myself but Im not gonna share them with anybody.and no I didnt read them off some website I actually discovered them by myself with no help

Oh come on. Don't be such a Scrooge. Share. (Please?)

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