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Turning frame limiter off


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Well, a few days ago I couldn't get gold in basic seamanship and burn and lap so I tried turning the frame limiter off and lowering the resolution. Actually, lowering the resolution doesn't matter but frame limiter does. Then I reverted the resolution and saw very interesting changes.

It doesn't speed the game up, infact the game is acting much more fluid and natural and I would say that turning it on makes the game slower, as I noticed when I turned it on again. As the gameplay is much better with the frame limiter off, I turned it off again and continued playing.

First I got to the boat school and completed the first test. Then I drived back to SF with my new jetmax and started the tests at driving school.

I tried the burn and lap and got gold from the first try but the interesting thing was that the car was acting much more fluid and that fluidity helped me to get the gold. Interesting was also that the half of the corners I had to cut were awfully cutted and the second were OK but I did only one perfect cut. With the frame limiter, I made all ten perfect cuts (less than 5cm between the front bumper and the cone) and got 36s with no gold.

Then I tried 90 where I had 97% and got gold for about 5-10 tries. NO LUCK! I used to play that test for HOURS and still the car rarely got 100% in handling and if I got it, the position score was very low. Another interesting thing was that every time of that 5-10 tries I got 100% handling which means perfect 90 turn.

Then I played wheelie weave which is the only test left for me to have all golds in all schools. Usually, I had some low damage but my car didn't get even close to the marker. Now, my car gets to the marker every time I try the test and rarely falls on 2 wheels. But, there is one bad thing about that frame limiter: at tests in driving school (I don't know about the others because I already had golds in them) you get damage much easier. With the frame limiter, I got max of 5% damge. Now I have normally 7% and damage up to 15% but the handling and position scores are (almost) always perfect.

So, I highly suggest turning the frame limiter off when in schools (resolution and visual FX quality don't affect this at all!) or playing the game with the limiter off as in game vehicle damage isn't affected by it.

btw. I have 99% in wheelie weave now and I managed to get 0% damage with a few tries, but then the position or heading scores weren't 100%!

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