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Cheat Device!

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Help me please!!!

I experienced a problem.

I downloaded the EU/UK version of the Cheat Device and when I transferred it the PSP and tried to load the file on LCS, it said "Corrupted Data"... I dunno why this happens. I did everything correctly. I unzipped the file on my PSP and replaced it, just like the readme says, but it won't work...

What should I do?...

i have this problem to but i think mine's is different.

i have read on other forums that whem you have firmwire 7.0 your cheatddevice won't work anymore is this true?

b.t.w. i also unzipped it like readme didn't work)

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And how can that be done? Can you please include a tutorial, if you can?

you will have to download an older version of psp firmwire. i am looking for it too if i have it i will pm you.

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