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burglar missions

bad boy

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Yeah, it's just across the street near Ganton Gym. Anyway, to do it faster and easier, start at 22:00 or something (I forgot). And rather than walking like a turtle, use the crouch button and CJ will move much more quickly. But becareful, if you ram any walls, doors, etc, you will cause the Noise Meter to increase by a notch.

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After getting total of 10 000$ on burglary missions you get additional 3000$ and unlimited sprint.

There is one black boxvile truck in each city. One near the gym in Ganton, one is parked in front of garages near driving school in Doherty, somewhere around the back of your safehouse you bought for 20 000$ and the third one is at the south-east rest stop on LV highway.

Also, I suggest to get a silenced gun and when you get into the house, find it's inhabitants and kill them while they're asleep. When you aim in their heads they will wake up but as long as you aim at them they will not call the police. Then shoot them in a head and your noise marker will dissapear. There are usually one or two people in the house so first sneak up to them and kill them. Now you can do whatever you want in the house.

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