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What are you currently playing?


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Pro Evo 6, releasing players from premiership clubs that have been released and trying to win the Eredivisie with Ajax.

Damn Im playing that, online mode on the PS3, its fu***** amazing, Im Leipzeg FC in the Geramn League and Im in the uefa champion league semi final, I might play it tomorrow

But there isn't a German league in Pro Evo 6, unless you created that side... And if you're playing online on your PS3, is it possible to play PS2 games on the PS3 online? Don't know.

Anyway, I'm playing Resident Evil 4, just started it on Professional mode.

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San Andreas. And anything mentioned is on PC unless noted otherwise.

I've hit 100% (First time w/ no mods or .DAT edits, but it took forever!)several times so I've started playing around

w/ script mods & doing my own beta testing, so far so good.

Also finishing up VCS (PS2), Have one missing bit to find for 100%.

Vice City is still installed & gets played (I Robo-hacked VC!) & I even dust off GTA 3 form time to time.

When I get done tweaking SA (for now, you never get completely done) I looking forward to playing Godfather.

I had to take a break from Scarface (80%), it's a total buzzkill with all the bugs in it. I know GTA set a high standard, but

did the guys at VU even try!? Still debating if I'm even gonna finish it.

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Well I renamed Hamburg to 'Leipzig' it looked better IMO. I dont know if you can play online with all PS2 games but it does with Pro Evo 6.

Oh ok, @ the PS3 question, I asked it because most of the PS2's back library doesn't work, or has 'noticeable issues', on the PS3.

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