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What are you currently playing?


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Okami, I'm near the end of the main game in Kamui after about 34 hours... I heard that if you manage to complete everything in the game, side quests, feeding all the animals etc, it will take upwards of 200 hours, which is too insane for me.

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I'll give you a little tip, cross into Shai-Gen territory, secure a supply point & wipe out one of the guys that has a rocket

launcher (It should have "Lock on") & get it back to the supply point. Explosive skill just got easy.

If you haven't already, get the free download pack from XBL, new side missions & more accomplishments.

See you when you get back on.

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Vice City for the modded cars and just to drive around listening to my own music :lolbounce:

Scarface PS2 (although not for a few weeks)

NFSU2 -- i will never get over this game...so many different possibilities etc

Liero v1.33 some dodgy graphic shooting game--like a realtime worms..fun

GTA Vice City Stories

Tekken:Dark Ressurection - ppl playing it at school, fun to challenge them on PSP

thats about it...trying to get GTA:SA back from my friend so i can mess around with that again



Is it possible to convert a car made for San Andreas to work in Vice City?


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