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^ bad company awesome game, i played it online for a bit at a friends

umm i got carbon working again on pc (i had to reformat early this year so i lost it, then my savegame didnt work), i havent really played that much. it lags bad on my laptop, i tried 800x600 max detail and it lagged really bad...640x480 max detail is abit better.

nfs prostreet on ps2...i had beaten the drag king, then i went to play and my file was corrupted so i started again. ive completed all events that are above and below battle machine on the map so far. still pretty cut the savefile was corrupted.

uhh i found need for speed hot pursuit 2 in a box in my wardrobe, so i installed that. still pretty fun escaping from cops n whatever. such a old game though, when i think about it...before underground 1 lol.

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