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What are you currently playing?


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Futurama Game. Perfect for stoners.

They have a fucking Futurama game? Shweet.

Played Delta Force: Land Warrior today for a few hours online. I actually did pretty good at the COK server today, I'm getting better... xD

Yeah I heard about it but never got around to buying it. Watched this bonus stuff on The Beast with a Billion Backs where it showed the storyline and fast-forwarded gameplay of a level so that was pretty cool. Not sure if it was any good, maybe Chris82 knows? :awesome:

And on topic, just been playing Gears 2 multiplayer with some friends. Pretty fun once you get the hang of it, also bought Far Cry 2 for like $40 at a local gamestore by my friends house but didn't really like it that much so I'm going to return it and get Saints Row 2 so I'll be playing that for a while, maybe with some people from TGTAP?

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COD WAW, getting back into it now. Loads of my PSN friends are around midway through their first prestige, so I have a way to go. I'm level 50 on my first playthrough, but I can't see myself going 10 prestiges. I'd get bored of it before then, but you never know. Unbelievable to see there are loads of 10 prestigers already, with an average play time of around 20 days.

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I can finish Fallout 3 any time I want now, but I'm too busy finding all the locations and then levelling up to max level, got about 1 level and a half to go. BTW, also got the trophy for finding 100 locations, it's quite easy actually, but the Deathclaws in the game get annoying after a while, so I try to ignore them. I'll be playing COD4 in about 1 hour, for a while, trying to get to the 7th prestige.

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