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how do you take these screens ????

i have lc too but when i use my photo camera the bictures suck :bashhead::bashhead:

If you don't Want to use The cheatdevice, If your Camera is atleast a Worthy one, it should have Macro mode, Whitch takes Pictures on Screens Alot better then normal mode, The macromode button should look like a Flower,

If you allready knew this, Well then eather Your shakey on Holding stuff, Or your camera is low quillity.

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Alright. Since the topic was brought back, I'm going to share three of mine.

The first is topdown view. To do it, get on a bike and raise the water level to anywhere from 25-40m.



The next is what happens when you try to take a picture during a loading screen. Actually, it's a video but it's only a couple frames and doesn't deserve to be in the video topic.


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Those pictures that you have taken, Chris82, certainly bring back memories of the previous classic GTAs.

Chris82, did you notice the new glitch I found in GTA3? It is in the 'New Glitch Discovered!' topic.

I am curious as to how you create animations of the pictures that you take from LCS, how do you do it?

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