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Auto Collect Interest

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I don't know how many of you know, but at CGN they have a problem with the auto collect interest not working. I've noticed that at this site they don't work either. Anyone with this will either have to buy another auto collect and turn it off or just not get any interest.

Another note on the shop, interest cannot be collected until 24 hours after the last transaction.

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thank you for clearing that up miller

Note: There will be no more changes to the shop until IPB2 is released, when that is released we will hopefully be able to get either IBShop 3 or IBStore 3 and hopefully convert this skin and all the other stuff

when you say "this skin" which one do you mean Orange or Black?

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just read all the topics there about ipb2 and you should get some idea of whats gonna be different

Some main things:

New PM system - you can send attatchments

New Bulk Email system for admins

Trash Can - Deleted topics get moved here so if they need to be recovered you can do so easily, older versions of ipb delete the topics from the database so no chance of recovering

Skins & Languages - both are completely new systems

Skin and Language dropdown box chooser on every page

New thread styles - they've copied vbulletin here, you can choose by clicking one of 3 buttons how the topics and posts are displayed

Admin Task Manager - we can now set stuff up to be done automatically

better custom profile fields management

Unlimited Sub Forums

Relative Dates

Multiple attachments with auto-thumbnail generation

Online/Offline user indicators in posts

theres probably more but i didnt look through all the topics

anyway if you want to try out IPB2 i have numerous test forums which any of you can post on whenever, one of which is IPB2, now its a beta version and some stuff isnt working yet and there are bugs and if you do find any bugs be sure to post it in the topic i made on the test forum so i can tell the IPB staff about it


link to test forums - http://www.thegtaplace.com/testforums/

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