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Vice City: Conflicts


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After a recent talk with one of my co-workers, we decided to put a team together to make a new story for Vice city. Now, it is not a total conversion, however, we will be creating a new shops, new buildings and more cars.

I have been testing my mission coding skills and have only managed to spawn objects!

random cones

A big wall!

Asset icon and on the jump and radar

added heli spawn

:blush: So we will be looking for coders.

Ok, what is Vice City: Conflicts about? I hear you say?

As you will probarly remember, The last scene in the original story is the Final Cutscene This cutscene will be used as the first thing you will see when starting a New Game (as shown in the video).

The date in which we are setting this game to is 1988 (Prior request from MVI) and of course... new cars and bikes would have been sold. So we will need Skilled Modelers.

Most importantly, it will have totally new missions and characters too!

Now looking at some of the mission mods that are WIP and completed. Awsome, and we would like to intergrate some of those into our new game.

So far, I havent been able to write the storyline as yet, because of school, I hope to have it done soon.

Anyway, if you would like to donate car mods, buildings, missions, skins etc. please do. you will all be added to the credits. :happy:

I will try and get some more info for you after christmas, meanwhile, post your thoughts/ideas/donations here!

yes, this is also posted over at the GTAForums...

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OMG! that sound awesome!!

at the moment im using an "all-in-one" mod... its very cool! u can do everything!!

this mod is called "spaceeinstein all in one mod"

ok... now my questions:

can u tell me how to use "devconsole" program??

i have it... but i want to put voodoo hydraulics in another car... and i dont know how!!!


thatz all what i need!!!!!!!! :gappy:

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sorry if i offended u... :hi:

so... u said that the "spaceeinstein all in one mod" has nothing to do...


well... i will think bout something before u screw everything up!! :bleh:

(really... i will)

so... Storyline ideas, mission ideas, mods and HOW TO USE DEVCONSOLE will be very grateful... actually... how to use devconsole will be VERY grateful... :worship:

so thanx a lot :gappy:


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