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Here are the video walkthroughts of three "impossible" :tongue: missions.


Just showed you how to approach the plane. It can get tricky when high enough because dodo is affected by the wind.


Sorry about the modded plane but I just didn't want to revert the rustler, record the mission and then revert the modded rustler again. I has the same handling, just textures and the model are new. The point was to show you the easy route, that's all.


For anyone who think that it's impossible to approach the plane, I showed you that's possible to do that in a few seconds. If you have slow machine, lower the resolution and turn off anti-aliasing but don't turn off the frame limiter. It just speeds up the plane. And get a knife or bat or any other similar weapon, or learn some new gym moves. It's hard to beat them up without it.

Hope you'll find these useful! :hi:

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