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lowering cars

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does anyone know how to lower cars? i have a car thats too high off the ground it make it look funny and its easy to flip. can someone tell me how to lower them or refer me to a tutorial thatnks.

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well, that's just so easy i don't know could u possiblly need to ask it here, but anyway...

in the top of the handling.cfg file u can see:

; (H) CentreOfMass.z [-10.0 > x > 10.0]

; (d) suspension upper limit

; (e) suspension lower limit

and u only need to change those values the first is kinda obvious, u can lower it to...let's say 0.0 or -0.2 or less so the turns will be more acurate, the car won't flip so easilly. And the other values are also obvious, suspension, u can mess around with that and u will get it.

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