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Who is the coolest member of the forum?


Who is the coolest member of the forum?  

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  1. 1. Who is the coolest member of the forum?

    • - Chris
    • - Millermagic
    • - Insane Pyro
    • - CrazyChicken
    • - Skyline 787
    • - PrecisionBass
    • - Paganguru
    • - www.Spasmod.tom
    • - Person 123
    • - Wisepackage

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I think 100 is like an automatic suspension. Or so i was told. Im beating you by 60%! I have a 50 warning level.

EDIT: Ok, who the gently caress lowered my 50!? :pissed::pissedred:

EDITIT: I just checked the log, i had 60!!!!! NOW WHO THE gently caress LIKES SCREWING WITH ME LIKE THAT! YOU HAAAAAVE TO TAKE IT DOWN DONT YOU!? :pissedred::pissed::pissedred::pissed:

Edited by www.Spasmod.ToM
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when I used to be a mod (yes I'm not kidding I once was actually a mod believe it or not) I use to purposely warn myself. I warned myself until I got up to 30% and then somebody kept lowering it and I was mad! :pissed:

Thanks for choosing me as the best member everybody! I can't believe I'm loved this much :D

I'd like to thank my voters, Naughty Dog and whoever invented post-it notes ^_^

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