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Who is the coolest member of the forum?


Who is the coolest member of the forum?  

31 members have voted

  1. 1. Who is the coolest member of the forum?

    • - Chris
    • - Millermagic
    • - Insane Pyro
    • - CrazyChicken
    • - Skyline 787
    • - PrecisionBass
    • - Paganguru
    • - www.Spasmod.tom
    • - Person 123
    • - Wisepackage

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I voted Pagan of course ;)

Okay this is complete crap...Millermagic has more votes than me!?! I'm sorry but this whole poll is just screwed up now.

Another thing is why the hell would you vote Miller as the coolest member because he signed up on an entirely different forum!?!

Does nobody undertsand the point of the poll???


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Of course they dont understand. They are like "Oh i have to vote chris he made the forums". Who the gently caress cares!? The poll isnt who made the forums, its whos the coolest member in the forums. And then those voting for others because they are in a gang on a whole entirely different forum. That is bullshit.

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And I should be added to the list. For I am a Wise and Holy Man with gleaming eyes and clean genitals. Plus my mom says I r0x0r teh str33t. Very direct quoting. Very true. I love my mom. And I love you.

"Spider Jerusalem - More famous than Jesus, better dressed than Santa Claus, wouldn't be seen dead on a cross and has never been caught up a chimney. So I deserve your money more." --Warren Ellis

-Fred :lolbounce:

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