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Sexiest Member 2005 Poll

Spaz The Great

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I added another picture of me and my guitar in attempts to steal MVI's guitar votes. :bleh:

Coming soon, me, my Bawls shirt, my Bawls bottle collection, and my Bawls Mints in attempts to attack Chris82's single lonely bottle.

CORRECTION: Added my Counter-Chris82 Bawls picture. Oooh yeah! Owwned..... :bleh:

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Roundup of results so far:

7 kokane

7 katie

4 chris

4 spaz

3 tom

3 mvi

2 zino

1 chris82

1 pyro

1 Crimson

33 votes so far - kokane is yet to vote for a male

Now can someone else give me a couple of votes or do i have to start begging?

EDIT: Added someone else's votes in fer ya, Zino. Yess yess, I could've made a new post which would've been easier on me and easier for people to read, but..... Um... Wow... Ok. Yeah. I'm seriously tired.


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I only need 2 votes. Do I need to start pulling people from other sites/my AIM buddy list? :bleh:


Voted for Spaz.

Second runner up was xeenon ; )

My voting post was deleted.


Spaz and kokane.
i'm going to have to go with spaz. i like the whole goth thing. the bloody picture is funny too.

I have FOUR votes!

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This thread has only been up for around 5 days. What's the rush in ending it?

We don't like sticking with one thing for too long. :bleh:

You do realise that the last Sexiest Member was ALSO in '05, right? Oh well, we'll start doing Sexiest Member in December. So the original one we can count as a late one for '04.

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