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San Andreas Community Stunt Video


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I receive submissions of stunt videos all the time but if I ever I get one from GTAStunting I always look forward to it.

Daf-Fy sent me some news to post and so I'll let him explain the stunt video that has been created called Amped.

The Gtastunting.com Community is proud to present the very first San Andreas Community Stuntmovie. Loaded with some of the best and most difficult stunts ever done this movie is sure to impress even the best stunters out there or people who have just looked at the cover of a GTA game.

GTAStunting follows up their great tradition in community movies with another hardhitting Stuntmovie, but now for the first time in San Andreas, over 200 replays where sent in but only the best were picked out by stunting legend "DeathCobra."

The people at Gtastunting.com are proud to present the best of the best edited by "Daf-Fy!" The soundtrack was a hard job to pick out but finally these songs were selected:

Trevor Jones - Sleep Now

Insolence - Poison Well

Linkin Park feat. Jay Z - One Step Closer / 99 Problems

Quarashi - Mr Jinx

No mods where use to enhance the handling of the stunts in this movie! Some stunts were sped up a little or down during the editing because of the stunters different hardware but the stunts remain the same. Be sure to visit www.gtastunting.com for more!

Download Amped and let us know what you thought of it!

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Yeah an awesome video. I've done similar things in the Hydra like that as well, and I still have the videos on my hard drive actually. Great to see it's made by stunters all over the world though.

And we were mentioned in the credits :P

After watching kickass videos like this it makes me want to start playing GTA again :)

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