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Vote for GTA at BBC's Culture Show Design Quest

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The British Broadcasting Corporation (better known as the BBC) have selected the Grand Theft Auto series to appear on their shortlist of 25 British-designed things.

Grand Theft Auto video games have been selected by the Design Museum and BBC Two's The Culture Show to appear in a shortlist of 25 items for the Great British Design Quest, a nationwide vote to find the public's favourite example of design in Britain since 1900.

Grand Theft Auto is certainly my favourite, unlike Lara Croft - The world's most poorly designed videogame female protagonist, don't vote for that all-action penis magnet, God knows how she got on the shortlist, vote for GTA. Vote here by clicking the GTA option and pressing "vote" at the bottom, for GTA's page on the site go here to see what the BBC said about it.

Hopefully with enough support from the fans we will make it go through to the next stage of voting.

Also on a sidenote whilst the subject is British design. We should be unveiling our new layout this month. Stay tuned for more updates!

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