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Silent Viper's Weapons.

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Hi do not be angry. I don't know where to put this so I put it here.

note: I am representing Silent Viper's work. I am not responsible for any trouble with these mods.

So, for less topics and a cleaner database,I started my own topic including all my next Weaponspacks.

Right now, I have to packs for SA in the works, one nearly done that only needs exporting and testing[Hi-Def-SA-Weapons] and the one shown here [Commando Equipment].

So lets go to to my latest pack (click on images to enlarge to 1024x768),








Here are the weaponspack including the m870 commando version,ak74,springfield xd and k98k-

Download Commando Weaponspack.

Download Hk Transparent Magazine Series, Mp5/40 & G36.

Download New Era SWAT pack.

Download Tactical Gear.

Download SEAL weaponspack.

Download M249 weapons pack.

Full topic here.

I am Da_Destroyer on GtaForums.

Edited by a gun in your face!

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Hes the best there ever was! I have NEVER seen so great weapons in my life! lol. I love the air land assault pack weapons and glocks and metal shotgun man im telling you hes the BEST!!!

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