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Changing spawn frequency (for Hotring, Euros etc.)


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I want to change the spawn frequency of the euros so it DOES spawn (I'd like to make it spawn about as much as a jester or alpha, so not very much but not as little as a turismo or bullet. I'd also like to make turismo's, and bullets spawn in the other cities (not just LV). What files and which fields do I have to change for that? I've looked at cargp.dat, vehicles.ide and handling.cfg and they treat the euros as if it were supposed to spawn all the time how do I fix it?

Thanks ^_^

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Hmm i remember when i modded GTA3 and changed the spawn

frequency there but i had some program. Just check around for some tools. Maybe "San Andreas Advanced Control" will help. I haven't tried. Heres the link: http://www.thegtaplace.com/pafiledb.php?ac...download&id=574

Hey dude

Thanks for that but that tool has nothing to do with vehicle properties, just the keyboard/joystick/mouse settings.

But thanks anyway

If anybody knows about the vehicle thing I'd still appreciate your help ^_^

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In "default.ide" u can find:

# Id, Model name, Txd name, Type HandlingId Game name, Anims Class Frq flags Comprules

401, bravura, bravura, car, BRAVURA, BRAVURA, null, poorfamily, 10, 0, 0, -1, 0.72, 0.72, 0

By changing the parameter "frq" frequency i believe u can make those cars apear more times...


in "cargrp.dat" u can add "euros" in all lines, just to make sure it will apear in more places, because it will.

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I fixed this by editing the file CARGRP.DAT in the DATA folder of San Andreas

Here is a chunk from that file for an example --

majestic, tahoma, pheonix, supergt, bfinject, quad # Gang 1 (BALLAS - BLACK)

greenwoo, savanna, voodoo, pheonix, fcr900, comet # Gang 2 (FAMILIES - PLAYER - BLACK)

oceanic, tornado, hermes, pheonix washing, sabre, patriot, bandito, hustler # Gang 3 (LSV - MEX)

sabre, stallion, blade, pheonix, fcr900, slamvan # Gang 4 (SFR - MEX)

buccanee, manana, tampa, pheonix, pcj600, blistac # Gang 5 (DNB - VIETS)

sentinel, admiral, feltzer, turismo, bullet, uranus, jester, huntley, zr350 # Gang 6 (ITALIAN MAFIA)

sultan, stratum, elegy, pheonix, huntley, zr350, hustler # Gang 7 (TRIAD)

hermes, broadway, glendale, buccanee, slamvan # Gang 8 (VLA - MEX)

sentinel # Gang 9 (UNUSED)

sentinel # Gang 10 (UNUSED)

Note that I've add several cars to each gang.

The file VEHICHLES.IDE sets how often the cars spawn in traffic (as stated above).

The best part is this Does NOT corrupt your save files, hope it helps.

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