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That sucked. All the stunts were in that army plane thing and it was boring. Also, those stunts are easy as hell to pull, dont think making a spin in the air is har, just have to hold left or right or whatever. Also, everything is just fast forwarded, I liked that you did that (or else the movie woulda been 10 menutes) but its just too stupid, try to edit your stunts. -1/5 for me

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Hey thanks for all the great feedback. *

Such inspiring words.

This was just to play with fraps and other tools.

Not really for stunting but I just threw it in here so people can see it if they want.

Has anyone made anything with package bombs and seeing how far you can blow yourself backwards??


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Well, you have flying skill and you did a few good stunts, so just keep practicing.

However, the video was damn boring to watch. 90% of the stunts in it were total crap and not impressive at all. Also, I didn't like the music, but that's mine personal taste. Then, I didn't like the fast motion. It was hard to watch it because you couldn't clearly see the stunts.

3/5 for the skill

-1/5 for the edit

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