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ive heard of some of your work before (gaspanic) but 1 question i click on your site but all i get is a white page how can i fix this?

also when i try to download off rapidshare i get this reply after waiting the 60 secs to download

: Download-session invalid. Please click here.

Possible reasons:

Download-session expired. Direct-links last a few minutes for free users and a few days for premium-users.

You requested this download-session from a different IP than yours. If you use AOL, try a different browser.

has anybody had these problems if so how do i fix it?

ps:im sure thegamersalliance would be a good place to put it

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Wow, he got chased because someone blew up his car? :o

Nice video, I like the 'running away' idea. You should've made him kill a cop and he gains the weapon and he tries to find the guy/woman who blew up his car. Make episodes which show how he gets no.1 wanted guy in San Andreas. But, you already made one.

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