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A full-length San Andreas movie!

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Gone in 60 Minutes!

Yes, this will actually be pretty much... a full length movie... and the name kinda gives it away... Its a film based on Gone in 60 Seconds... and it will be around 60 minutes long! Using the San Andreas Engine, but also... all the buildings and cars will be the originals from San Andreas, NO MODS!

At the moment, there are only two voice actors... and we are looking for more...

For more information... head over to the ModDB for more information... and the trailer!

Leave your comments here, or at ModDB

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well, thats the point of this film... elvis presley had some strong words to say about this project... 'A little less conversation, a little more action' :P yep, more car chases, smashes, crashes and more! maybe a little gun fight... who knows... damn it! im giving away the surprise! :P hehe, enjoy!

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ok, due to the constaints of the software, the story will be edited quite alot, a whole new script and storyline... but based on those films... I now have a team of 2 VOs and a scripter... we still need some help to make it an AMAXZING film! contact me!

hey, if yu give me yu e-mail adress, i culd write out a script for one of the parts, im good at that. just think bout it!

[email protected]

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de a script for the game, i edited it so the swears are made with ***'s so here it is


Carl: What da ****!

*walks in to characters house and finds character shot, dead from blood loss*

Carl: No, no, why did this happed to him.

Carl: CHARACTER!!!!!

*balla walks in, points gun to carls head*

Carl: So, you did this to character!

Balla: Yes, he killed my parents 2 years ago, and I wanted revenge against that little ****** bag!

*Carl punches gun out of ballas hand, pins balla to the ground, shoots balla in the shoulder.

*Balla runs, jumps over a fence, out of view*

Carl thinks: *Character doesn‘t kill innocent people, characters not like that, I’m gonna have to catch that filthy ******* and shot him between the eyes!*

* Carl walks down the street, fades to black*

*Carl drives to Character 2 house in a savanna, gets out, walks into character 2 house*

Char. 2: Yo Carl, what up.

Carl: Some ****** balla shoot Character !

Char. 2: oh ****…… **** why would someone do this!

Carl: The balla said he killed his parents 2 years ago.

Char 2: Well, before you came back to Los Santos, He got outta jail for something, but he didn’t say.

Carl: I’m gonna have to investigate.

*Fade out to Balla [steve] sitting in the hospital wit a bandaged arm*

Balla [steve]: I’m gonna have to teach that little ***** a lesson!

*Fades out to new scene*

hpe you peeps like it!

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'my old man wrote me a leta from prison once... he said 'if you dont want to end up like me, stay away from crime, drugs and boosting cars'... problem is, dont leave you with much else to do does it?'

Welcome to a world full of crime, drugs and stealing cars... ruthless crimelord, Frankie Skinner, needs 50 cars stolen by a certain deadline, else his career and reputation hits rock bottom, hard. Like most crimelords... he gets someone to do the dirty work for him... unless it is execution, boy does he love doing that!

This is where Charlie Goodman and his team of professionals come in... it all goes smoothly until the drugs start to kick in... Have you ever tried boosting cars while on drugs? Nick has... and he gets him and the team into a shit load of trouble when he finds a stash of drugs in the boot of the car he just stole... and when the cops get involved... It all goes terribly wrong... Threatened by Frankie, the team must find a way to get the job finished...

'cos when the sh*t hits the fan, you gota have a plan!'

--This film is still under development, and will be using FRAPS, GTA San Andreas, and the San An Studio Mod by CJ.--

Edited by YoungFools
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