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Ultimate GTA4 Poll


Ultimate GTA4 Poll  

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  1. 1. What theme should the next GTA have to it?

    • Mafia
    • Drugs
    • Business + Fraud
  2. 2. How should the next GTA's story be managed?

    • One character, you control him/her forever (like CJ, Tommy V)
    • Multiple characters at different points, each interlinking
  3. 3. Which City/Cities/Area should GTA4 be based on/around?

    • Just in New York (as in the trailer)
    • In New York... and London
    • In New York... and somewhere else

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There have been hundreds of topics in this forum over the past year or so that have been for members to submit what they want in the next GTA game. I think it's been long enough for most members to say their thoughts, so wouldn't it be good if we could extract the data from that and sum up what people want, and maybe let our members have a vote on that?

Now's your chance - the ultimate GTA vote-a-thon.

This poll is for all the members to say and vote absolutely for what they want in the next major GTA Game. Please note that Rockstar have said that it will be completely different to the previous games, not based on the same engine.

If you think more options need to be added, please say so straightaway. Only reply with comments about the poll, suggestions for the game should go in the GTA4 wishlist topic. You don't have to reply saying what you've voted for. Moderators, please don't edit the poll either.

For the record, my votes go to: London, Business, Choose a Skin

Poll has been edited to reflect what we know about the trailer

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You don't have to reply saying what you've voted for.

I think that says it all...

when you reply to a topic and it doesnt contribute to the topic its considered spam i think. this is way off topic and has nothing to with with GTA4. why else would we reply if we arent gonna say what we voted.

righty said what he chose, you gonna yell at him too? i think no.

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Hehe calm down. I put that in there cos I think its pointless having fifty posts which just say what is in the poll (unless we specifically need to prevent cheating or something). If people want to reply and add a comment (eg: why) then sure, but there is no need for everybody to reply. Jezz wanted to say it, thats fine. Ghost pointed out what I said, thats fine. Righty added a comment, thats great.

Looking at the results so far (27 votes) the USA and Business are winning, and one character and design a skin are on level pegging.

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To be honest I absolutely detested the "Gangsta" lifestyle and storyline of GTA SA. I think they should stick with Mafia but not as much as GTA 3 or LCS. Vice City had just the right touch. Also the create your own character option wouldn't be all that great. I think R* made the character personalizable enough with the changeable clothes thing in SA and they should stick to that. Lastly, The US of A has been the host for all but one game in the GTA series and it has never failed so going with the maxim of "If it 'aint broke don't fix it", they should stick with that too.

P.S: "Life, walking the dog, buying furniture, cleaning up" - Just too damn funny! :rofl2:

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I detest the idea of turning San Andreas into "The Sims."

They are both great games...but they don't mix.

Anyway, yeah, San Andreas was a great satire of US culture. Especially with you only being able to eat at fast food restaurants and those "Celebrate with Cake" commercials. London could probably be funny. I didn't see any humor on English culture when I played The Getaway, but they probably were not going for it.

In reality, there aren't a lot of a fat people where I live, but Mississippi is ranked as #1 in obesity rate, 22%.

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