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The Godfather


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Anyone play this game yet? Man this game is the Shit. Specially since It's been awhile since the last release of a GTA game on a platform. (PSP -_- err!)

This game is fun. You can go inside Banks and rob them and blow up the safe and jet off with the money. And extort businesses with the old "you need protection!" :blink:

You can bribe cops or bribe the Chief of police. and start gang wars with the rival families.

This game is like Grand theft auto. But more realistic. I like how the cops mind there own business.

They might come after you but it's easy to get away. Not like in gta where as the cops just keep coming and coming, (Never ending no matter how many you waste)

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Here is some cool videos.

In the end in this one, you see him blow up a Safe in a bank. Which you can do anytime you want when you hit a bank.


Here is another one. I liked.


Secondly I like to say this game could be used to make a awsome Mafia Machima Movies if someone could do it someone how.

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Yeah i got this game a couple of weeks ago and I agree it is good.

The characters are portrayed really well, and i love how the game follows the storyline and incorporates the player into it.

The explosions were simply amazing, and the 'Execute' function when finishing off an enemy was a nice touch.

I did find it slightly annoying how most floorplans were the same (all banks, businesses shared identical floorplans for each type).

and the story in my opinion was just too short! (im going by GTA standards mind you!).

The gameplay was slightly awkward at times and the cars handling was absolutely crap.

Overall a really fun, engrossing game, but didnt really hold my attention for too long. I'm probably bias tho, comparing it to GTA isn't really fair i suppose!

Also, michael corleone looks NOTHING like al pacino, WTF is up with that?!?!

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