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Here are The Characters that you've either seen or heard on Vice City and some info about them

Here they Are :

Alex Shrub

-Gender: Male

-Build: Average


- Extreme Right Wing congressman.

- Happily married.

- Known philanderer.

- Will do anything for votes.

- Power obsessed. Usual politician.

- Expected to go very far.

- Cross dresser

Auntie Poulet

-Voice: Miss Cleo, actual name: Youree Cleomill Harris

Avery Carrington

-Voice: Burt Reynolds

-Gender: Male

-Build: Average


- Texan property magnate and real estate developer.

- Likes to talk about his father. The good ol' days.

- Extreme Capitalist.

- Suspected of doing anything to manipulate property prices and

land value, including, but not limited to, arson, rioting,

bribery, intimidation, murder.

- Always wears a cowboy hat.

- Believed to be involved in several developments and slum-

clearance programs.

- Known guest of Cortez.

- Uses Ken Rosenberg for legal advice - possibly weak link?

- Hair suspected to be fake.


BJ Jone's Loan Shark

-Voice: Lawrence Taylor

-Gender: Male

-Build: Big/Muscular

-Facts: - Former star Tight End for the Vice City Mambas.

- Very successful career in pro football, but haunted

problems off the field.

- Famous for hunting opponents. Now runs a celebrity

endorsed used car lot, which is believed to be a front.

- Thought to sell stolen vehicles.

- Believed to be heavily in debt with loan sharks and is now

doing anything for money.

Cam Jones

-Facts: -Claims to be an expert safe cracker

-Confirmed kleptomaniac

-Believed to be working with Cassidy

Candy Suxx

-Voice: Jenna Jameson

-Facts: -Woman of extremely ill repute.

-Possible involvement in blackmailing politicians

-Never seems to get cold.


Colonel Cortez

-Build: Average

-Gender: Male

-Facts: - Cultural Attache.

- Has diplomatic immunity - bear this in mind when bugging

his house.

- Has somehow survived up to 30 coups in his native country.

- Likes to eat endangered species. Considers this to be

fine living.

- Lives with his daughter. Widower.

- Long term dislike for French secret service.

- Believed to facilitate trade with all areas of criminal

activity, including, but not limited to, narcotics,

firearms, weapons, and military secrets.

- In own county, has been sentenced to death 9 times, but

always survives and gets promoted.


-Facts: -Possible way to Leo Teal.

- Leo Teal's other lover.

- Interior designer and restaurant owner.

- Likes knives.

- Likes Thailand.

- Likes the beach.

Georgio Forelli

-Facts: -Italian-American criminal.

-Current case is going to trial, thought to be certain.

-Related to Liberty City organized crime family.

-Cross dresser.


-Build: Heavy/Stocky

-Gender: Male

-Facts: - Works for Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez in various


- Diplomatic immunity - part if cultural affairs division of

San Dominican consulate, where Cortez in Cultural Attache.

Believed Gonzales' visa what issued as Health and Fitness


- Greedy - known to take bribes; could try bribing to find

out more about Cortez' operation.

- Has been seen leaving property of Diaz without Cortez.

Possible weakness in organization.

- More information needed on Cortez. Gonzales has problems

with his weight.

- Formerly very active in Vice City under world. Now spends

a lot of time in his penthouse, away from Cortez.

Hilary King

-Gender: Male

-Build: Heavy

-Facts: - Expert driver believed to have worked with Cam Jones and

Phil Cassidy.

- Neurotic.

- Compulsive eater.

- Psychological profiling reveals obsession with abandonment


- Ginger.

- Hilary King comes from a stable family background.

Ice Cream Lady

-Facts: - Psychiotic distributor of soft ice cream.

- Business known to be a front.

- We are as yet unable to determine what it is fronting.

- Maude Hanson runs company.

- Believed to be a sociopath who once ran a children's home.

- The ice-cream lady sells Ice-cream sprinkled in drugs or


Jack Howitzer

Ken Roseburg

-Voice: David Paymer

-Gender: Male

-Build: Small/Weak

-Facts: - Partner at Rosenberg & Associates legal firm.

- Suspected problem with narcotics and egomania.

- Believed to be developing contacts with Liberty City mob.

- Suspected of cheating in Law school exams.

- Believed to have employed heavies on numerous occasions to

intimidate and corrupt juries.

- Very poor success rate in trials.

- "Blue Chip" clients include Georgio Forreli. Cousin of

Liberty City crime boss, Sonny.

- Always desperate for money.

Lance Vance

-Voice: Phillip Michael Tomas

-Gender: Male

-Build: Muscular

-Facts: - Works with you in Vice City.

- Recently arrived in town with his brother.

- Asks a lot of questions.

- Trained helicopter pilot.

- Believed to be in narcotics trade.

- Heard mouthing off in a lot of nightclubs.

- Believed to get aggressive or needy when he drinks.

- Possibly emotionally insecure.

Love Fist

Paul from Kent

-Gender: Male

-Build: Small

-Facts: - "Kent Paul" is believed to be an assumed name. Real name


- Also known as "KP", "Paulo" and "Kent".

- English Youth.

- Claims to work in music business. No known employment.

- Claims to be a criminal mastermind.

- No criminal record found yet.

- Known to have made contact with biker gangs, but believed

to have fallen out with Biker's gang.

- Pathological liar.

- Nasty clothes.

- Suspected narcotics addiction.

- Seems to have contacts in certain SWAT divisions.

Pastor Richards

-Gender: Male

-Build: Average

-Facts: - Possible Polygamist.

- Hates people who help others.

- Fervent anti-communist.

- Obsessed with nuclear winter.

- Hateful human being, but menace to society uncertain at


- Maniac firebrand preacher, obsessed with money.

- Has written several awful books. All completely

fabricated. Most given away.

- Obsessed with degenerates.

- Has been campaigning to build a large statue in his own


- Has been attempting to bribe officials at NASA for rocky


- Believed to be embezzling money from the fund for a

private mansion in Hawaii.

Leo Teal

-Facts: - Possible connection with Mr. Black.

- Very complicated personal life.

- Works in restaurant business.

- Communications expert.

- Haven't been able to get a working tap on his phones.

- Believed to be working as a hitman in Vice City.

- Possible involvement in narcotics trade.

Mercedes Cortez

-Voice: Fairuza Balk

-Facts: - Daughter of Colonel Cortez.

- Likes to party.

"Big" Mitch Baker

-Voice: Lee Majors

-Gender: Male

-Build: Tall


- Vietnam veteran, turned motorbike enthusiast. Won Purple Heart

for killing a village full of Vietcong and being injured.

Extreme bitterness at trement of veterans has led to violent

clashes with authority.

- Jailed on 13 occasions.

- Lawless degenerate sociopath.

- Loves bar sports, fighting, pinball, pool, eating live animals,

hard rock music, wrestling, racing motorbikes, urinating in

public places, scaring police.

- Believed to have implicated in several civil disturbances.

- Runs local gang of bikers. Believed to be implicated in

Narcotics distribution.

- Extreme loyalty within gang.

- Initiation rituals preclude getting man on inside.

- Known loathing for soft rock, communists, and wigs.


-Facts: - Involved in dubious practice with Teal and several other


- Thought to be paid company.

- Involved in bizarre practices with Leo Teal and a manatee.

Mr. Black

-Facts: - Nothing is known about this man.

- Eager to find out more.

- Believed to be involved in running hitman business.

- No further info.

Pedro Garcia

-Facts: - Involved in violent gun-running.

- Buying weapons from out of state and selling them on the


- Believed to be a rival of Phil Cassidy.

Phil Cassidy

-Voice: Gary Busey

-Gender: Male

-Build: Average

-Facts: - Linked to "Cam" Jones. Jones and Cassidy believed to have

worked together numerous times although Cassidy has avoided


- Degenerate.

- Patriot.

- Cassidy claims to have served in various divisions although

Army records show he was repeatedly rejected for service

because of drunkenness and an unsuitable temperament for


- Redneck arms dealer.

- Believed to be involved in weapons trade.

- Gun enthusiast. Member in various second amendment

organizations and various Vice City gun clubs.

- Sources suggest he also distills boomshine in own stills.

- Fighting war with Mexican gun-running gangs.

- Phil Cassidy shot his arm off some how. You also said that

he went to his personal physician. He actually went to an

old army surgeon and he was going to blow something up

because he was drunk on boomshine, but the batteries were

dead and he had some on what he was going to blow up. When

he replaced the batteries he accidentally pulled the

trigger and blew his arm off. The mission was "Boomshine


Ricardo Diaz

-Voice: Luis Guzman

-Gender: Male

-Build: Heavy/Stocky

-Facts: - Extremely dangerous.

- Bribed INS for Green Card in 1978. Entered the country

from Columbia.

- Contacts in Columbia believe he is a major player in

narcotics industry and anti-government activity.

- Extremely popular philanthropist. Gives various Ricardo

Diaz foundations across Vice City and Central and South

America. All are believe to be a front.

- Extremely short and is believed to suffer from Napoleon


- Medical records show he has over-active glands and sweats

more than is socially acceptable.

- Gun collector. Always armed.

- Has private army/militia and is heavily guarded at all


- Has been involved in long running battle for control of

narcotics business in Vice City.

- Known to have bribed police and officials within the town.

- Feared due to reputation for unpredictable behavior.

- Thought to be responsible for 18 murders.

Sonny Forelli

-Voice: Tom Sizemore

-Gender: Male

-Build: Average

-Facts: - Head of the Forreli crime family.

- Major crime family in Liberty City.

- Believed to have major influence in racketeering,

gambling, union trouble, corruption and prostitution.

- Came to power young.

- Thought to have ordered several mob killings, including

Harewood incident.

- Only minor charges have ever struck. Thought to be

interested in entering narcotics trade, traditionally a no

go area for Liberty City mob.

-Phone records reveal calls to home address of Ken


- Notoriously poor taste in clothes.

Steve Scott

-Voice: Dennis Hopper

-Gender: Male

-Build: Average

-Facts: A film director with an unnatural obsession with sharks and

mountains of mashed potatoes, Steve Scott has been spotted at various

parties with organized crime. Rumors say he's seeking any money he can

get to finance his next big film.

Tommy Vercetti

-Voice: Ray Liotta

-Gender: Male

-Build: Average


-Tommy is the main character who you play as.

- Works for Sonny Forreli.

- Worked in Liberty City after long stretch in maximum security.

- Understandably nervous about a reappearance in Liberty City so

a trip down south seemed like a good idea.

- Tommy is left in Vice City with no money or merchandise.

- Tommy wants his money back but Cuban gangsters, biker gangs,

and corrupt politicians stand in his way.

- Most of Vice City seems to want Tommy dead.

- His only solution is to fight back and take over the city


Umberto Robina

-Voice: Danny Trejo

-Gender: Male

-Build: Heavy

-Facts: - Cuban warlord.

- Long term feud with Haitian criminals. Wants control turf.

- Extreme macho man.

- Wants to wage full scale war with Haitians.

- Never implicated in a crime personally.

- Bravery has been questioned with Cuban circles.

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Im not sure either :D

But put it this way , what if someone had to do a report on VC (what kinda teacher would give such homework?) and they need some background on a certain character , so lucky for them I posted it ;)

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Actually I wrote it

First on a peice of paper then on the PC

Max time was about 30 to 40 minutes ;)

If that is true then very well done indeed, nice job ;)

I may actually use that on my site, do you mind if i do? you'll get full credit of course

heh, just realised that was one of the pages i needed to do.

Do you happen to have written any info about the characters in GTA3 becuase that would be good too

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Wow, thats cool of you man. When I first went through it I thought, "just another joker increasing his money/post count" but since you wrote it all out yourself, I think thats real cool. Nice list and good work.

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Did you get your info from the vice city website? There's lots of characters you mentioned that arn't in the game but are mentioned on the website.

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