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help in a mission

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Hi guys,

in need of help!

im up to a mission on liberty cities(psp) where u kill that dude in the car and need to dump the car with the body into the river. Doesnt tell you where to go though, i've dived into a few different places with no sucsess, i dont have the fold out map with me either as im o/s.

any ideas??


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I'll help, all you have to do is find an area near the sea, where there is flat land and at the last minute, dive out of the car while going really fast.

YOU MUST SURVIVE THE MISSION TO COMPLETE IT, you cannot drive into the sea as well.

The thing you have to remember is that you must survive, and you can't simply drive into the sea, you must dive out.

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If I'm not mistaken, you're probably talking about the mission called "The Made Man" when JD gets killed.

Dude, what you have to do after driving Mickey to his house, is to check the map to see a nearby spot where see is located. From where you are, if I remember right, you have to go reverse and then turn to the left. The see whould be further in front of you. Keep gaining speed and when you're near the edge, press the triangle button to bail out of the car, which should then drop into the water, thus making this mission passed.

Sorry if the above confuses you; it's kinda late and my mind's not working properly. If you can't still get it, I recommend you see a FAQ/walkthrough at GameFAQs. Good luck, buddy!

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