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Eurovision 2006


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Tonight is the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 Final.

For those who aren't familiar with the Eurovision Song Contest, it is a major music festival where every European country offers up a song to be performed at the final, and hope to win. The 23 countries in the final battle it out on this one night, performing their songs and hoping to win over the 10 million viewers at home. Then, each country holds internal votes (phone, text etc) to decide who their favourites are, then they award points (up to 12) to their favourite countries. Each nation cannot vote for themselves, but they usually just vote for nearby countries, friends and allies - this show is politically based even if it isn't supposed to be. The votes are tallied up, and one country's performance is crowned the winner, and they get to host the contest the next year.

In 2004 they introduced the semi-final, this year's took place last night, which is used to send ten winners through to the final. These ten play against those that automatically qualify, including last year's top ten finalists and the four or five countries which financially contribute to the show (including the UK and France).

In 2003, the UK got nil point (no points) since we put on an awful performance with Gemini, who sung out of tune and were just frankly awful. This year, we have some idiot wigga trying to rap with some minxy schoolgirls - his only hit to date was 'Kung Fu Fighting' a few hundred years ago. We don't stand much chance until somebody good comes in, but that aint gonna happen - doesn't work like that. Some familiar names started off in Eurovision, including Bucks Fizz and ABBA.

Best thing to look out for this year is Lordi (below) representing Finland, with their song "Hard rock hallelujah".


Just wondering, do the US hear much or anything about this? Good luck to all Europeans anyway.

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My live blogging of Les Damp or who ever he is.

(das sampson so wowwy wogan says)

-Start-pretty fit girls singing.

They are turning the board.

Oh no its Kill Bill!

_halfway-I think he has tourettes or something.

maybe he is trying to do the 70's chicken dance or whatever it was?

_End-If we win this it would be like Lordi singing 'hit me baby one more time'.

Once again great britain buries it's head in shame....

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Lordi Blog


Oh yeah loving the hat!

They put michael jackson to shame Though i think the bass player stole his nose.

Rock and roll angels !

Loving the pyro technics.

Now did you know the bat wings were specifically made by warhammer?

Look on iTunes for Lordi turns out they have two albums.

This year Lordi, next year H.I.M. .\,,\

@Chris! No they are applauding because he is leaving the stage. It would be nice if he did well but funnier if he didn't so I am not optimistic to the voting at all.

G/L UK and Finland.

EDIT:I have had an idea every body here should all vote for the same act (the most random!the most worst!) whos up for it!

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Croatia=fit ppl every body but UK

Best way to win get naked!!!!!!

Lets all vote for France!!!!!!Best prank ever!!!!!!

Why aren't English girls as fit as europeans?

Ireland:zzzzZZZZZZZZ BORING why won't the girls strip like the croatians!

'In the dead of the night only this song will make you sleep

this song is a cry for help....'

Sweden: Caliber, sounds cool, looks like batwomen had problems getting dressed with that cape and outfit.

Notice the fake clapping put in the soundtrack lol!

Armenia: I'm just beggining to notice alot of these songs sound the same. Right at the end though OMG how bored am I


Put subtitles on. Teletext 888

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That was the best :D

Lordi (Finland) absolutely deserved to win, and they had a decent song too. Loved the.. girl (?) on the keyboard too. Total Klingon.

Daz was pretty... lame. Was alright but should've been better. We'll never win anyway because we don't have all the political allies that everyone else has. Damn the island.. separating us from everywhere else. Damn the French, not giving us any points.

Yay for Terry Wogan thought. Awesome guy.

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OMFG I was so ashamed with Croatia's song that I had to turn off the TV until the song finished. I really dunno how did that song get on the Eurosong at all. It sounds awful, and I really hate that stupid turbo-folk shit.

I'm really glad tha Lordi won. They were my favourite and the song was really good. The proof that heavy metal (or hard rock, since the song is called like that) rocks!!! :thumbsup:

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[link removed, pending decision. URLs are links anyway, makes no difference if they actually link or not]

Wasn't sure is the link legal or not, so I've posted it like code. The song rocks! It was the only hard rock song on the Eurovision 2006. Just a proof that hard rock is the best.

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