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Does the music make GTAVC better?

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Although music was better in VC, I don't think that's the key. I think storyline and the main and side characters are what makes VC better. And probably that whole Miami-mafia theme. Lots of people disliked the ghetto theme in SA.

And those non-gta stuff that you've had in SA, of course.

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A lot of people I have spoken to, including mysef, think Vice City is simply more fun to play than San Andreas, none of us could describe why, does anybody agree, is it the 80's music that makes Vice City cooler do you think?

So you talk to yourself? :rofl2:

I agree that GTASA got very farfetched, hopefully a game will come out that is set in Vice City that hasn't got ridiculous like SA, because Vice City was truly the best.

R* is releasing Vice City Stories for the PSP on October 17th in North America and 20th in Europe (I notice you live in England) this year. It will also probably come out on PS2 later on like Liberty City Stories.

It's hard to explain. I think the music, the atmosphere and the storyline just come together really well.

Plus there's no girlfriends, sex appeal and any of that crap.

I agree with you and everyone else 100%. Vice City just felt good, it had good music, cool atmosphere, the storyline was awesome and it was just perfect without all the extra crap in SA.

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I don't care what you people say... Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is better than Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Ya see, in San Andreas, the 'extra-crap' you guys are talking about makes the player feel like playing a 'living game'.

And... San Andreas is a bit more positive than Vice City. (Experts says, gottten from Wikipedia) Because the protagonist (who was Carl 'CJ' Johnson) was not a cold-blooded, eye-tearing, baby-wrecker character. It's proven that CJ was far more gentle than Tommy Vercetti.

Vice City was like controlling a mindless robot. I mean, Tommy did not have to eat (but I did not say he CAN'T eat), he doesn't have to have sex, he did not have any girlfriend (huh??), and... umm... Out of ideas.

I'm not saying Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a bad game. I'm saying what's on my mind. And you humans should all know that everybody's different.

'World Withour Strangers'

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I liked Vice City because it was the first GTA game I played (didn't have GTA3). I loved the exploring and the massive range of things you could do (compared to all other games).

It's just old hat by the time San Andreas came around, same-old same-old, just bigger with more extra crap that I never do or use.

Now I don't mind the capability to do loads of random things like have girlfriends and eat and get fat and choose clothes and get tatoos and pick a hairstyle and manage your money and refill your cars. But, I don't want to have to do it. It isn't freedom if you're forced to do it.

But yeah the music was great, and really immersed you in the game entirely. San Andreas had a few good songs on it, but they didn't match the gameplay quite as much. Plus I love 80s music :P

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Arturkim21, I don't talk to myself, you know what I mean, so don't take the piss.

Sorry, just playing around. And Gerard nice point that you don't have to do all that extra stuff in SA. It wasn't that bad but I think they should take some unecessary stuff out for GTA4. VC was also the first GTA game I played and that's probably part of the reason I like it the best.

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Its easier to drive in vice city for one thing. In SA you always end up getting hit by cars and skid around and then bastards start shootin there guns at you and it was cool at first buyt after awhile it become annoying when your trying to drive and cars keep getting in your way. It diffenatly easier to stunt in Vice too.

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