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Okay, here's the situation:

At Christmas, I got a new graphics card and motheboard. We pu tthese in our computer, and took the old ones out. This meant that we now had enough spare parts to biuld a whole new computer, so, my dad bought a new case, stole a monitor from work, and the result is the computer which I am typing on right now. Then, my dad bought a new hard drive, and, the new, bigger hard drive went in the good computer, the old one in this one. Apart from the usual hassle of copying save files and whatnot from one computer to another, there is still a problem wity this, spareparsts computer.

I have Windows XP. Although the 'program fil;es' folder is as full as ever, when I click on 'Start' > 'Programs', there is hardly anything on that menu, meaning I now have to do long, manual searches every time I want to do something. Hell, Microsoft Word isn't even on my programs menu! How od I get them back there?

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Are you the administrator on your computer?

what might be the problem is that the administator installed stuff just for him or for administrators then you log on as a normal user and you cant see it

you could just manually make folders and copy shortcuts to the start menu folder

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