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GTA1 Music

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Ne1 know where boutz i can listen to the music from grand theft auto 1 apart from on the game itself?

There's some proper choonz on it, so if some1 could gimme a link it would b much appreciated

[P.S I know that this is a GTA4 thing but the no1 visits the classix]

Yeah nice 1 cheerz :thumbsup:

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Yes people DO visit the "classic games"... San Andreas and Vice City are not "classic" yet. Moved to SA Gameplay.

Also, you can buy the soundtracks from the last couple of GTA games on CD. For Vice City, you can also buy individual stations and "greatest hits". Have a dig around to find the best option for you.

San Andreas Soundtrack

Vice Ciy Soundtrack

However, since you don't strike me as the kind of guy that likes paying for his music (no offence), you can extract the radio files from Vice City (never tried for San Andreas) using tools available in our Downloads Database

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I'm going to move this to the classics forum later, but for now to answer your question:

Do you have GTA1 for the PS1? If so, just put the disc in a CD player and it should recognise it and start playing all the 'choonz'

Otherwise, I believe if you download GTA1 from rockstargames.com the tracks are all included (not sure if they're separate files or not but I've read they are, I can't remember myself)

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