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Rockstar send out fansite giftpack

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Rockstar Games kindly sent out all the big fansites 'gift packs' with some stickers and a San Andreas t-shirt in them. Most people who got sent this recieved them 4 days ago on June 1st.

Unfortunately nobody was home when it was delivered to me (becuase we were all away for a few days) so now I have to get it redelivered from the post office where they are holding it :rolleyes:

Here are a couple of pics of the stuff, first one is the stuff just after i got it out the package, second one shows the t-shirt and stickers spread out

1. The free stuff just out the package

2. The stuff spread out

Thanks Rockstar :thumbsup:

The stickers are :

Rockstar Games - Yellow, Rockstar North - Dark Blue, Rockstar San Diego - Purple, Rockstar Toronto - Red, Rockstar Vancouver - Green, Rockstar Vienna - Light Blue

Click here to see My Collection of stuff from Rockstar

I will do an annotated picture of it later so i dont get asked loads of questions about what stuff is from where and what was free etc. (the games weren't free)

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