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Tommi Vercetti or Claude?Why?

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Tommy Vercetti, i like him as he seems to be the only person in VC that hadn't gone 80's mad, and to everyone who says things like, "i'd like rockstar to explain why claude didnt talk" (would quote but theres quite a few people who have said this in this thread) allow me to suggest perhaps it was because: A: They didn't want him to come across as cheesy. B: They wanted to offer a more rp feel to it C: The script writer had a few too many the night before and was in bed with a hangover the day Claudes speech was to be written.

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Technically, you cant be a fully american unless you are a native american, so claude could be english, or african, whatever. And its spelled Tomm"y", what kind of dickhead has a tommy with an i? anyhoo, I choose Tommy because he can atleast talk

hell yeah! the game lacks personality when claude just beats the crap outta people without making a coment about them being freakishly weak or calling them a name. :rofl2:

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