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in PSM2 they were on about GTA VC could be on PSP and would include mutliplayer with the wireless broadband thingy ......er.... 802.11b(wi fi)wireless LAN B) cool or what?

they could get rid of some of the music to make it smaller

can someone tell me how much the PC GTA;VC disk size is?

PSP disk (UMD) size is 1.2GB i think vice city should fit on it.

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First off your right it is too big. GTA SA is on a dual layer DVDrom disk which means its about 2 DVD disk big. I don't know how much a UMD can hold but still GT4 takes 2 UMD's and on the PS2 it only takes 1 dvd you'd need 4 UMD's too have GTA SA on the PSP and there would have to be alot of load times.

Secondly PSP is a great (maybe even the best handheld) I have ever seen. I wouldn't doubt at all if they make a new GTA for it. And for those who hate it (freaks) you guys are missing out on a hell of a system.

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