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I'm entirely upset with the Veteran group. Thanks to Sky for bringing it to my attention, and thanks to my utter lack of a life to actually say something about it.

First and foremost, the list presented, does not have a single veteran. Being here for a "few months" does not constitute being a veteran. Being here from the BEGINNING and STAYING HERE as a loyal member does. NONE of the people listed have been here since the beginning, with the last three being the closest related to 'veterans' in the whole list.

I'm not sure who has been added/removed in the Veterans group, but I do notice I'm in there. See? THAT makes sense. I've been here since BEFORE Invision Power Board. I request that Pyro be added to the Veterans group ASAP.

I feel my title of veteran is dishonored when it is shared with some of the people on that list...

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I'm sorry, I'm just strong against people entirely not deserving of a title recieving it.

And you wouldn't have went for my suggestions. If it were entirely up to me the "Veterans" list would be as follows:

Me, duh






And I really can't actually think of the real veterans right now.

Why wasn't pyro added though? I swear I made that suggestion in the staff forum, maybe not...

Yes, you did. He entirely disregarded it.

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I can only think of one other real veteran who doesn't even play GTA I don't think, he never joined after the phpBB forum, he went by the name of ascended_super_sonic... remember him?

I'll see if I can find any others. Also I actually agree with Spaz's list there, but while it stays true to the meaning of 'veteran', it does decrease the groups size and lessens the warrant for a veteran forum, as there's not many people who can actually access it and post there etc.

BTW what about when we had that crappy ProBoards forum? ROFL how shit was that, those were the real veterans, although I'm pretty sure there was like only 20 members on that, and EVERYONE rejoined when we started on the phpBB one, so I guess it no longer matter, lol I remember that proboards forum though, good times :P

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