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Claude, Tommy, CJ or Toni?


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Not sure that CJ would do that, he could just have focused all his energy on the garage and be a proper mechanic with Ceser. I think Tommy wont be sucessful in Vice City anymore as all of the people who helped arent there anymore. Rosenburg and Kent Paul are in Los Santos with CJ and Avery and Lance are dead.

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So what? Remember Avery, in Vice City he was 51 and as far I remember he could walk around. And how about Salvatore, not sure how old he is but he's way over 50 and he's alive and don of the Leone Mafia. Well technically not after 2001... But that's not the point and even if GTA4 is going to be set in present time (2006/2007) then Tommy would only be 55/56 and most likely alive and kicking (if nothing happened to him during the 20/21 years). So we can definately see him, maybe not play as him but see him nonetheless.

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