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What feature are you most looking forward to in GTAVCS?


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So we all know alot more about GTA VCS thanks to aussie mag Gamerpro, but what features are you looking forward to in this game, are you looking forward to a bigger city?, or driving around in a Jetski, give a feature you most look forward too and why?!?

(P.S - I Hope you like this topic :) )

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My top 3 favourite features I am looking forward to the most are:

1. Jetskis- They are going to kick ass!

2. Hurricanes- Just think of the pleasure of watching people die twist this way and that to their death (possibly you too...). Watching tree's rip out of the ground, cars flying and planes falling will be awesome too.

3. Bigger City- Just can't wait to explore Vice City all over again, and try out the many new things.

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