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Vice City Modding PS2


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i was just wondering if there are any mods for any of the gta games for ps2, for example creating a custom radio station or adding new features, ive tried google but found nothing. is anything like this possible, help would be appreciated.

beleive me m8 its hard, im tryin 2 find out how 2 do it myself. im tryin 2 find out if u can by blank ps2 disks.

my theory is that u can copy all the data from the ps2 disk onto your PC, moddify the files in the same way u would do on the PC version, then when u done copy it all 2 the blank disk it could posibly work. u need 2 do all this bcoz u cant re write the ps2 disks (not that i know of anyway) that y u need to use blank disks.

if i find out how to do it ill post how, but dont get your hopes up.

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i already know how to extract the files to your computer and burn them when finished, im just having trouble modifying the files :bashhead: . btw, you dont have to buy special ps2 blank discs, you can just use regular dvd-r or dvd+r.

you can just use dvd decrypter to create an iso then use winrar to extract the games files from the iso.

the reason i asked this is becuase you can edit pro evo and winning eleven by using dkz studio to add new balls, adboards, real kits and change background music, and i was thinking that if it is possible to modify the files of these games then why not gta?

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The posts above are good but they are not usefull. here is what you do to add mods to PS2 gta games

WinHiip is used to copy PS2 games (which you own) to your PS2 HDD from your PC

It is possibile to mod GTA:3/VC/SA on the PS2, but you are limited to what you can do!

So far all that will work on the PS2 is code/main.scm mods and the hassle you go to, to get them to work mean's its pretty pointless to even apply these mods to it. But since this is a tutorial section I'll continue.

Tools Needed:

WinHIIP V1.7.3


Hardware Needed:

PS2 Network Adaptor


Software Needed:


The first thing you need to do is create a folder on your PC's HDD called GTA (insert version).

Now insert your PS2 GTA into your PC's DVD drive and copy all to you newly created folder.

Now go the the folder that the original main.scm is located and replace it with your modified or downloaded main.scm file.

Now create an image of the HDD GTA

Now attach your PS2 HDD to your IDE Chain as a slave and run WinHIIP and select Add Image and this will install your game to your HDD, Now put your HDD back into your PS2 and load up HDAvance/HDloader and select GTA????

I have tested afew main.scm mods but only afew of them will work!

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