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What real city would it be based on in the U.s.

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London is what most people think the next GTA detination will be.

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gta4 should be in Philippines!!!!

In the city of MANILA!!!! its a nice city Ghettofied yet there is Glamour!!

just like L.a there is a UPSCALE SIDE then there is the SLUMPS!!!

and the Ghetto is better here their houses are made of scraps of lumber, metal peices carton box and all the stuff you can pick up on the dump site or street.

the squatters, shanties poor urban people is a good thing for a game.

youth street gangs flourish Manila crimes includes robbing Passenger Jeepneys, pickpocketing, shoplifting, snatching, crackdealing pimpin their little sister.

also the organized crime syndicates are in paradise here in manila!!! you know those f***ing selfish Chinese Tycoons and their illegal Stuffs which is covered by their restaurants or warehouse etc.....

and the PoliTICIAns who kill each other just to have the power!!!

the Political Instabilty would be a good subject in Gta.

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