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VCS Details from Screen Fun

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bravo_screenfun.jpgScreen Fun, a German magazine, has a preview of Vice City Stories in their latest issue. Details are a little bit scarce at the moment, but I'll summarise what we've heard so far.

  • You'll see many different vehicles on the screen at the same time. This was a problem which has been fixed since previous iterations, whereby you'd see many of the same vehicle in certain areas.
  • The controls are the same as they were for Liberty City Stories
  • Vic will receive text messages on a pager. This is actually how Claude received messages in GTA3.
  • The invitingly named Chunder Wheel, (the big ferris wheel) is in the centre of the city.
  • You'll need the helicopter in many missions in the later part of the game.

There are three new scanned screenshots too, along with one other we've already seen, high res but rather grainy:

screenfun01.jpg screenfun02.jpg screenfun03.jpg screenfun04.jpg

As well as three artworks depicting some new characters:

bigguy.jpg oldguy.jpg skinnyoldguy.jpg

Thanks to Medalion Man @ GTAForums for the information.

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AW f***ING RIGHT!!! I hated it when I would drive in a rich district with sports cars and I would only see either a cheetah, infernus, etc and not all of the sports cars that should spawn in that area. THANK YOU GOD!!! Time to go and add more to my topic!

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