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any rap fans? if so.....


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yall know eminem shit already so ill skip him....

royce da 5'9- malcom x (diss to d12), shit on you (d-12 diss), T.O.D.A.Y original version, take me away, death is certain pt.1, throwback, hood hop freestyle, you cant hide, dont try this at home

sly boogy- thats my name, its nothin, if you got crew, go dj freestyle, click click booyaka, ridiculous, grindin freestyle part 1&2, real spit

joe budden- 10 minutes, whatever it takes, game freestyle diss, heartbeatology, deep cover freestyle, flava in your ear freestyle, training day freestyle, aint f***in wit me, sing for the moment freestyle remix, bangout freestyle, coming for you, grindin freestsyle, i run new jerz, calm down, rest in peace

jadakiss- shots fired (50 cent diss), checkmate (50 cent diss), problem child (50 cent diss), gettin it in, they aint ready, times up, the champ is here, kiss of death, welcome to d-block, fiesta remix

pacewon-theifs theme, won, locked part 1&2, rush ya clique, who you be, what you know, take me with you, the won, mc's, rockin with the best, stick up kids, eminem diss

if you wanna know about the other shit i got let me know, i got lots of shit ya'll probably havent heard before.

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well as you know royce used to run with eminem. Joe budden is considered to be one of the most gifted lyricist in rap, pacewon is somebody that eminem used to rap with before he got ultra big, and jadakiss is just a good rapper, sly boogy is a underground rapper from the west coast. And of course theres a shitload of freestyles because thats a part of rap, freestyle. And shit on yuo is a song d12 did in t he past, and royce took it, did a diss to them over the beat. and as for joe budden, i think being able to remix a whole song like sing for the moment with a freestyle is very, very impressive. just check them out, if your a true fan of rap, you'll enjoy them.

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i don't really like rap sounds all the same to me. all i can understand is the cussing . i will say that country is worse than rap so its not at the bottem on the list.

Actually, there are quite a few county-genre songs I prefer over most rap songs. But I listen to most music. Unlike WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE these days. -.-

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I listen to Chino XL, N.W.A, Tupac, B.I.G, WC, Young Maylay, Canibus, BTNH, The Game, stuff like that.

I like old rap but as for new stuff, if you say stuff like "You can find me in the club" or "Nuck if you buck" I will not listen to you. I like rappers these days that speak good english like Chino XL, Canibus, and Immortal Technique.

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Please don't get me started on 50 Cent, he is a complete jackass he maes out he is some kind of warrior that isn't scared of anything he says hes a one man army, and then goes and tells the cops when someone was trying to kill him. Yes I'd tell the cops if someone was trying to kill me but then again I'm not the one that makes out im a gangster. His old music was good bue now he's talking crap on records.

Anway top artists are (not in any order)

1. The Game

2. Nas

3. Jadakiss

4. Big L

5. 2PAC

6. Biggie

7. Papoose

8. Lloyd Banks

9. Jay Z

10. EDIT: Young Buck

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ill post some good rap songs you should now about (if youre a rap fan) in about 5 minutes.

300 bars and running - The Game

Fright Night - Tupac

Don't Stop - Roc 'C'

The Phunky Feel One - Crypress Hill

The Realist blackz - 50 Cent feat Biggie Smalls

Air It Out - 50 Cent, Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck

Good album - Blood And Ashes - Outerspace

Out There - Spider Loc

Afrika Shox - Leftfield feat Afrika Bambataa

Beware - Big Pun

Project blacks - Young Buck and Mobb Deep

Low, Down, Dirty - Eminem

Not Rich, Still Trying - 50 Cent

G.A.M.E - Czar Nok

The Best Out - Dipset

Fire - M.O.P

G.O.D part 3 - Mobb Deep

5 Heartbeats - 50 Cent

The City - Young Buck feat G-Unit

In The Music - The Roots

Get Down - Nas

Hit 'Em Up 3 - Eminem

In Cold Blood - Scarface

Bump Heads - Eminem, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo

f*** Em - David Banner

It's Mine - Mobb Deep feat Nas

Drop It Like Its Hot Again - Slim Thug, The Game, Snoop Dogg

Bladow!! - Busta Rhymes

I'll Hurt You - Busta Rhymes feat Eminem

Come Thru (Move) - DMX

Drama Setter - Tony Yayo feat Eminem

Hold Ya Head Remix - Bob Marley feat 50 Cent, Juelz Santana and Tupac

Who Shot Ya (Tupac Diss) - Biggie Smalls

Thats all for now. More when im less tired.

by the way its not project blacks for some of the songs, its project n****s. They changed the name.

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dipsets pretty good, though i dont like camron all that much. i recently got into canibu, big pun, chino xl, n jadakiss. I agree, rap now a days is bullshit, youbg joc and all that, f*** that, i want some dr dre, old school eminem, royce da 5'9, stuff like that. and for those who like lyrics, joe budden recently released a mixtape, but its more like a album, called mood muzik 2, and it got 4 stars in every magazine, a nd some people call it a lyrical masterpeice, and has a song on the same story telling level as eminems "Stan", its called three sides to a story, and the 1st 3 verses are introducing the characters, n the 4th is him telling the story, its a great song, yall should check it out.

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if you want to keep up to date with new mixtapes coming out, and other stuff, check out the link below


most days its updated with brand new mixtapes - it also has a handy search button to find other stuff youre interested in.

Also, another website i forgot to mention


you can listen to whole tracks, hell, even whole mixtapes, and see what songs you like. you could also join the site to buy some songs/albums.

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my fav. artists/grps. in order=


2.Notorious B.I.G.


4.NWA / DA Lench Mob (Incl Dr. Dre - The man on the beats)

5.Cypress Hill

6.The GAME

7.Ice Cube

8.Easy E


10.Bone Thugs in Harmony

I like 2pac mainly coz he's been through the toughest situations --- *One day he had to spend 2mins on the toilet!!!* --- lol jokes, ya know what i mean (Ghetto life) :bleh::gappy::bleh:

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