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New safehouses vs old  

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  1. 1. Simply this, which do you think R* will bring back, old safehouses, or new

    • Old
    • New
    • A little of both

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Not sure. Those were the only ones I remember that are on the PC version and not the PS2 and obviously the XBox version. If I find any I'll make a video of them and post them here. But back on topic. I hope that there is an interior for the Malibu Space Club, the building behind the Malibu, but I heard that the Malibu wont be in VCS so I'm guessing the Malibu Space Club wont either. I also want all the new buildings in VCS to have interiors.

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You mean buildings or safehouses because there's a ton of buildings that are going to be new. I think you mean safehouses and I agree with you, all new and old safehouses should have an interior. But like KP said earlier, we should be able to go into all of the buildings (so maybe you did mean buildings) we see the interior of in cutscenes or whatever. And maybe you went there only once for a mission (and couldn't go back in) and something significant happened there, like a huge gun fight, you would find bullets and blood spattered everywhere and maybe even a finger or two. :P

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That would be cool and brutal. :evil: Anyway, I was just reading some info from Wikipedia and read that Victor and Lance buy a new mansion near the beginning of the game on Starfish Island. Although this might not be true as sometimes Wikipedia is unrealiable but answers the question of the mansion. Can't wait to see which one you get (if you get one). If you want the link here it is and it says about the mansion in the Facts Story and Characters sub-category. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Theft_A...ce_City_Stories

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